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Questar Surplus Silent bidding procedures

Questar occasionally has surplus materials for sale that are offered only by silent or closed bidding. This means interested bidders will submit an online bid sheet via e-mail during the silent auction. The following information describes our bidding policies and procedures:

Sales Disclaimer
The information contained in this Web site has been prepared for you to make your own evaluations and does not purport to contain all information you may desire. Nothing in this Web site can be relied on as a promise or representation regarding further events or performance. The goods are sold "as is, where is" with no warranties. Questar reserves the right, at its sole discretion, at any time, to accept or reject your bid or proposal. No bid or proposal is or will be deemed to be accepted by Questar unless and until Questar provides you with confirmation of acceptance by an authorized Questar representative. By clicking on the "submit bid" button or the "send for more information" button within this Web site, you agree to the contents of this disclaimer.

How to bid
  • Each item listed on this Web site will have a bidding period of 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  • The bidding period for each item will begin when the first bid is received.
  • Once an initial bid is received, the closing date of each item will be listed in a column next to the item�s description, usually one day after the initial bid is received.
  • If no date is listed in the column, an initial bid for the item has not been received.
  • Minimum bids will appear in the item listings if applicable.
  • Some items will also have minimum bid increments which will also be listed. If you re-submit a bid, you must follow the bid-increment requirement.
  • You are allowed to change or withdraw bids during the bidding period. However, when the bidding period is over, if you have submitted the highest bid, you will be required to purchase the item.
  • To change or withdraw a bid you must re-submit a bid and click on the appropriate button on the online bid sheet. You must include all of the information requested to change or withdraw your bid. If this information is not included, your original bid will remain in effect.
  • If you are a winning bidder, you will be required to pickup or provide shipping of purchased material. All materials are located in Salt Lake City unless otherwise specified.
  • Loading and packaging (if applicable) of purchased material will be provided by Questar unless otherwise indicated.

Payment and invoicing procedures
After the bidding period is over, the highest bidder will be contacted to make arrangements for shipping and payment for each item. Those who have winning bids will be required to sign a purchase agreement prior to any transaction. The purchase agreement will be mailed in a timely fashion to keep the sale process moving along as quickly as possible. After the purchase agreement is signed, it must be sent, along with a check for the bid amount, to the address provided. Upon receipt of the check and purchase agreement the merchandise will be shipped or turned over to the winning bidder. Copies of the purchase agreement and any other documents associated with the sale or merchandise will be provided upon request.

Notification of highest bidder
The high bidder for each item will be contacted after the bid closing date as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to contact the winning bidder. If the highest bidder cannot be reached, the next bidder will be contacted to complete the sale. Questar has the right to withdraw an item from the bidding process at any time for any reason.

Requesting additional product information
Additional product information may be available upon request. If you need more information or would like to inspect the items for sale, fill out the Request For Additional Information on bidding items form. To receive notifications when new items are posed on this Web site, fill out the Questar Surplus E-mail Notification Request. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone. Interested parties may inspect materials before or during the bidding period.

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